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S.C CARE-Sparkle contour

S.C CARE-Sparkle contour gua sha

S.C CARE-Sparkle contour gua sha

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Hi Gorgeous, Level up your traditional Gua Sha! Foyoskin`s Electric Facial Gua Sha helps to restore glow and firmness to the face and body when used with any beauty serum, eye cream, or your favourite moisturizer. Combining three top of the line technology features for maximum results. Experience the fusion of 7 treatments in 1 tool!

Red LED light x Heat x Blue light x Cooling xSonic Vibration x Purple light x EMS .

This facial massager do great work of promote product penetration, excrete toxins, and repair damaged skin.

Main benefits:

  • firm and massage the face
  • reduce facial tension and stress
  • aid in the penetration of skincare products
  • promote lymphatic drainage
  • give skin a healthy glow
  • Smoothens Wrinkles
  • Defined Cheekbones/Facial Structure
  • Reduces Inflammation and Puffiness

How speacial we are ?


*The one and only EMS function together with heating and cooling functions in a electric gua sha scraper. special way of product presentation, thriving in the market.

*Under the premise of no cooling fans and air outlets, a breakthrough use of high-density aluminum alloy materials and internal custom heat dissipation irons are used to create a fully enclosed body. Make better waterproof performance and prettier looking.

*The arc-shaped and ergonomic design of the metal massage head ,high density ,higher Grade, Corrosion Resistance , Strong Plasticity , Good Fluidity. large and fits the contours of the face and various parts of the body, well to achieve a multi-directional massage effect.



It is not only can work for face:

①Heating (40-45°C) + Red light + Vibration

Function: Deep absorption skin care products, Anti-aging & wrinkle reducing by stimulating fibroblast cells to produce & secrete collagen.

②Cold + Blue light + Vibration

Function: Shrink Pores and keep skin moist, Prevents and treats mild to moderate acne by killing acne causing bacteria ;Also controls sebum/oil production.

③EMS +Purple light

Function: To lock the skin's deep nutrition, tighten and diminish the fine lines under the eyes, speed up blood flow, warm up the eyes and relieve fatigue.It can promote cell membrane regeneration, help eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, and repair skin. Unblock the lymphatic and circulatory system and promote lymphatic metabolism. Reduce emotional and mental stress, and improve blood healing and circulation.


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