E-Gua Sha Vs Stone Gua sha

E-Gua Sha Vs Stone Gua sha

Hear me out––an intensive workout, at home, with no workout attire required. Sounds like a dream, right? Get ready to turn that dream into a reality with the ultimate at-home workout, specifically for your face. Afterall, a full body workout isn’t complete until you’ve exercised all of your facial muscles. Think about it, you workout your legs, abs, and arms, so why not your face? Trust me, it’s easier than it sounds. Scroll through for the easy 3 step routine that will forever change the way you workout! 

Step One: Cleanse
You always, always, always want to begin by cleansing when doing anything with your face. Mainly because you don’t want to end up accidentally pushing excess dirt and oil further into your pores, that would be counterproductive. Start by lathering up with your go-to face wash and remove all makeup. You can follow your cleansing by applying a facial oil (we recommend a grapeseed, avocado, or argan oil) for smooth gliding with your tools.

Step Two: Skin Care Tools
Next it’s time to get out the Gua Sha! Your Gua Sha is your most versatile and useful tool in your beauty arsenal. Available in a variety of shapes and styles, all for varying intended purposes, your Gua Sha is the ideal start to your facial workout. Consider it the stretching portion of your exercise, warming up your facial muscles. Whichever style Gua Sha you choose, is entirely up to you.

After sculpting with your Gua Sha, it’s time to charge your skin. Utilizing high-frequency electrical currents will help transform your skin, zapping away impurities and blemishes. Our High-Frequency Wand is ideal for stubborn breakouts, or sudden cases of dreaded maskne. This is by far the easiest way to experience a spa-quality treatment from the comfort of your own couch. Can a workout get any better than that? 

Step Three: Massage
Now that you have sufficiently worked out your face, it’s time to cool down with a facial massage. Starting at the top of the face, glide your fingers over forehead, temple, and eyebrow areas, working in upwards and outwards motions. Moving your way down, massage from the eyebrows, under eyes, and under the nose; continuing to sweep from the center-out. Working down towards the lip, chin, and neck area smooth fingertips up and out towards the temples. Next, using your thumbs, begin below the chin and motion upwards to sculpt and define the jawline. Lastly, glide fingers down the neck to aid with lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation.

(For further instructions, see our complete step-by-guide on how to give yourself a facial massage.)

As a finishing touch, always rinse your face (as per any workout), especially if you used any facial oils. Next apply your preferred toner, serum, and moisturizer combo, and roll skin with a facial roller.

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